We are members of the Social Research Association and all research we conduct adheres to their guidelines of ethical good practice.

For more information please contact Katy Marrin:

E: katy@marrinconsulting.co.uk

T: 07941190218

Who we work with

We have worked with public and third sector organisations from across the UK including  Welsh Government, Ministry of Justice, NHS England, Department of Education, Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group, Newport Mind, Mourne Heritage Trust as well as a range of local authorities and charities. 

We have worked across a number of policy areas but our key areas of expertise are:

  • Health and social care: supporting organisations to develop person centred care and deliver multi-agency provision.​
  • Rural and economic development: providing intelligence and insight to inform the design of programmes to revitalise small businesses and rural communities.
  • Communities, families and young people: gaining an understanding of how we can support communities, families and young people to prosper and fulfil their potential.


For more information on our current and past projects please click here.

How we do it

We use a range of methodologies and techniques:

  • Semi-structured/ group interviews.

  • Workshop/focus group facilitation.

  • Bespoke theory of Change/ Logic Model workshops.

  • Literature reviews and rapid evidence assessments.

  • Creative techniques such as collage making, photo elicitation, service user stories.

  • Survey design, implementation and analysis.

  • Cost-benefit and effectiveness analysis.

  • Peer review of research and methodology design and journal papers.

What we do

Marrin Consulting

Our approach is underpinned by an emphasis on working ​in partnership with organisations and teams to ensure learning is sustained beyond the project timescale. We recognise that each project is unique and we offer a bespoke approach to each assignment. Our expertise covers:


Using a range of techniques to gain understanding of an issue, service, organisation or group of people. This can help organisations develop an evidenced based approach to planning future policy and activities. 


Evaluation helps organisations understand how a policy intervention has been implemented, what has happened as a result,  what works, what doesn’t and why. ​ We have been involved in all aspects of the evaluation cycle from undertaking research to evidence need, to supporting organisations to design programmes and design appropriate monitoring and evaluation frameworks to undertaking baseline, process, formative and summative evaluations. 

Project design and development

We draw on a range of methodologies (theories of change, logic models, Results Based Accountability etc) to help organisations develop outcome focused projects that make a difference to their communities and service users. Our approach to project design also ensures that organisations can robustly evidence what impact their project has had to funders and other stakeholders. Please click on Plan Deliver Review for more information.